Purchasing an Agricultural Clutch Plate is no simple task. You have to consider many factors before deciding which clutch plate to buy. Here are some things to keep in mind: Power plate, Friction plate, Bearings, and Nuts/bolts/screws. It may be helpful to review each of these components, so you can choose the right 1 for your needs. Using this information will make the process easier. Power plate An agricultural clutch system includes a power plate and a stationary slip-clutch system. These components work in conjunction with the slip-clutch system to help a tractor to turn the PTO shaft. In addition to a power plate and clutch disc, a stationary slip-clutch system also has a drive shaft and is connected to a PTO shaft via a metallic yoke. The yoke and slip-clutch assembly must be securely connected to each other because a loose end can cause dangerous movement of the PTO shaft. A power plate is a rotating element that introduces power into a stationary slip clutch system. These plates spin inside the clutch body covers and are made of high carbon steel to be strong and rustproof. Friction plate A friction plate for agricultural clutch creates the necessary force required to drive an agricultural machine, including a tractor, a combines, or a plow. It transfers torque from the spinning drive motor to the gearbox. A friction plate’s size and shape vary widely, but most standard sizes are 224×38.8×5.5mm (IT14). Depending on the application, other sizes can be ordered. A slip clutch is incomplete without a friction plate. The friction plate determines the safety and performance of the machinery. They typically have 2 to 4 plates, ranging from 2 to 4 depending on the implement. They are made of semi-metallic material, the same as those used on vehicles. Because they bear maximum damage, they don’t carry warranties. However, friction plates can be extended by using the proper bolts. Bearings If you’re considering replacing your agricultural clutch plate, you’ve probably considered the advantages of new bearings. These are incredibly durable, able to withstand millions of cycles and still operate properly. In fact, many clutches are so durable that they only need periodic lubrication to stay functioning properly. If you’re thinking about reusing your old bearing, think again. These bearings are likely to fail within a few thousand miles, and you’ll kick yourself for not changing it when you replaced your clutch. Your agricultural clutch plate contains 2 primary parts, the pilot bearing and release bearing. Both must be of superior quality steel and grease. They must also be designed to withstand the constant stress and use of a clutch. If you’re planning on replacing your clutch plate, make sure you replace both these parts. They’re both important parts of the clutch system and should be replaced when the clutch is replaced. A new clutch plate won’t be complete without them.

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You may need gearboxes, hydraulic cylinders or a trailer hitch to get all your machines running and ready when you start working your fields. We at EVER-POWER will ensure your agricultural needs are met, providing you with equipment and parts that are suitable for your agricultural application. We’re proud to offer over 6,000 parts in stock, so you can be sure we’ll have damaged parts in need of replacement. Whether you need hitch pins, blades, tines, PTO shafts, bale spears, disc bearings, roller chains, Caroni lawn mower parts or sprayers. Even treat yourself to a brand new tractor seat for a more comfortable and comfortable work day.

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